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Sale different yarns of different count, different effect, including: RAW White, colored spun yarn, color yarn, Spray dyeing yarn, Singeing Mercerizing yarn, speck yarn, gradient color yarn, Fluorescent yarn. Satin dyed yarn, Colored silk yarn,Satin yarn(cotton spinning、bast fibre spinning、worsted yarn、semi-worsted yarn、Woolen yarn、silk spinning、filament yarn、Splicing yarn、Twist yarn、fancy yarn、Special craft yarn),one-ply yarn、Double yarn、Multi strand yarn、Conventional twist 、high twist etc.

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CHANG SHENG TEXTILE(DONG GUAN)LTD was founded in 2007 , located in Dalang, China.We sell not just stock yarn, but also can design and develop all kinds of yarn base on clien’s order .Chang Sheng can spin any fibre and match any color according to the customer's designs and requirements. with strong production capacity and comprehensive hot-sale stock,we can support and meet with the requirements of the changing market.Chang Sheng is also able to provide fast development,and production services to fast fashion markets ,both internationally and domestically.

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